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Small Furry Animal

Laughed so hard I almost cried... Keep up the great work.


whotever you do , don't toss that LSI scsi card on your desk... i mean , it's still shiney and all that.. and has a riserboard and cooling fins... if anything , it looks awesome and fast(although it's probably a snail )


Ah, Michele, Michele, Michele! Did I teach you nothing about hardware?! You don't throw ANYTHING away, you just stuff it all into the Hardware Dungeon. OK, maybe with a running start and a full shoulder thrust, just to be sure... But as your wise and knowledgable *current* co-worker observed, "the day after you get rid of it, someone will ask for it." Now, there's the voice of experience speaking! So, here's what you do: you go through all the current motions you're going through when you want to throw stuff out; box it up, pretend with all your might that you're gonna throw it all away and you mean it, dammit; then find a not-so-heavily used switch closet over in Sales or Management, sneak it over there, dump it, then Super Glue the keyhole shut! That way no one bugs you, it's out of your sight, and therefore out of mind, you have you closet space back, the geeks can't fiddle with their network segment and thus bug you, and when the inevitable day comes that you actually need the little buggers, all you need is a little acetone - or TNT - and the day is saved! Hooray! You get to be a hero, all the way around! Does it GET any better? I think not.


Hello Kitty laptops are available at the link below:


While not as pink and fuzzy as the one shown on Auntie Shell's website, it does meet her requirements.


So you still think that these transivers should be thrown out:-) And yes geeks still do not throw anything out. Been going through my private trash lately, and found things which do not even work with PC's which where around 4 years agoe; so why keep it... well I might need it one day, and then. Last time I moved I threw all my floppys out, and funny enough I needed one 3 months later (a small workaround solved the issue), but one never knows. Or that tapedrive I kept for 5 years, suddenly a friend talked about backup, and I was kind enough to donate a tapedriver (dont' know if it works though:-)).

Geeks are like these horrible people you see on BBC2 who live in 6' of rubish, but a bit more organized, or we try to be.


Man, you are ruthless! Well, I will admit I threw away my Windows 1.0 5.25" floppies and docs a few years ago. And I regret it to this day!

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