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I ran across your post (entitled It's Rotterdam, and I'm hungry circa August 2005) and thought you might be the Michelle Hefflin I used to know. I hope so because I like her. But, about your food comment. The perfect meal takes no more than ten minutes to consume (including preparation time) and if possible should be eaten standing up. Best if it can be squeezed out of packet and has the consistency of baby food. Don't you think?


Yeah, if you're ORBITING THE EARTH.

Why, if it isn't the legal profession's answer to Lance Armstrong.

Thanks for the shout!

p.s. You and I both know that the perfect meal is actually Campbell's Tomato Soup + a grilled cheese sandwich.


If only you could put soup and the grilled cheese in a GU packet. I am starting to think that you are no longer "in country." (Sorry, an Army expression). If not, are you in Belgium? If so, I am able to map out your weekends for the remainder of the year as you go to the best bike races on the planet.

I have figured out why bike racing is so big in Europe. It is the same reason football is so popular in the states. Ready? Alcohol. Why else would the Italians, French, Belgians stand alongside a cold (or hot) road for days waiting for athletes to buzz by in a few seconds. Yes, it is the universal excuse to party (and eat grilled cheese). Am I right?

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