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The problem with trying to write... is the trying... stop trying and just write.
You have the ability, but "the fear" of writers block leaves you writing about writers block. Pick a subject. any subject.. Geek behaviour in their natural enviroment , Obsessive Compsulsive disorder gone bad.

Satire doesn't require facts
Intellectual crapola is boring

Just make fun of things and write it down , i'm sure you'll "produce" interesting things if only you let go of the desire to "produce".

Personally, i have no desire to produce... and constantly produce Bullshit... except now

dead serious, meaning every word of it...just go for it, let loose and write down without taking things serious, they won't take You serious untill you do this.


Respectful disagreement Dr. Gonzo:

Wasn't boring at all. Was the thoughts. That's all a good writer needs to express for the read to be worthwhile to the attentive reader. Shell is a good writer. Flows like a river of ideation.

Now, if we could just convince her that plagiarism isn't a thing one can avoid ...

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