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Egor Kloos

Not sure if I'd go with good ol Tomas. If the quote was, "One art in life is that of avoiding pain." I could go with it.

My verson doesn't quite have that... that whatever makes a poet a poet.

Pain is endured by all and so it should be. Without one the other becomes meaningless.

I don't believe that pain should be welcomed or avoided just accepted. Personally I try to live life without repeating the things that are destructive to me.

Casper Pedersen

You know that it will hurt, therefor you do not do it... Or why would small children best each other to put the hans on the live wire.... (only works once, and yes it hurts).

As the subject is to awoid pain - one know that consuming too much alcohol = hangovers = pain (and suffering), but most people do it more than once, and some quite frequently.

So yes I have to agree with Egor, it's one art.


the assumption that not drinking anymore booze is avoidance of pain is flawed, as alcohol to many is a way to become numb of psycholgical pain, a pain that in many cases is worse then physical pain

applying that to the quote war , is quite impossible, for in this case the instruction is incomplete, sure, the hangover instructs about the evil of booze, yet it fails to adress the root cause

and the avoidance of pain , a core instinct, also an instinctive way of "self-instructing"
just as well fails to succeed...

as for my view on both quotes, they do not conflict, nor do they compete, in fact, they complement eachother.

any art takes skill, all artfull skills requore instruction to perfect , be that external , or self


for the record, when i say booze is a way to numb psychological pain , that applies in a very broad range, be that to forget consciencious misery , or subconciencious longings for a more relaxed self. both are conditions of pain, one more acute then the other.

show me anyone without any desire to be more relaxed, and i'm sure that person will be the Dalai Lama , or at least a very devote Tibetan monk.

podiatry emr

I agree, pain is endured by all and so it should be. Without one the other becomes meaningless.


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