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Sleepless of Capelle

Am definately with you on FWAAF (pronounced as abbreviated 'fwaaf' , according to Stephen Fry in the script book - look I just had to have the deleted scenes, alright?) and have lost count of the number of weddings I've seen Charles attend (having, on one occasion, watched the movie twice in one afternoon, so it's WAAAY more than 36) but you're right. The movie is great despite AMcD, not because of her. And, sadly, I've given enough thought to this issue to have already worked out the solution: Michelle Pfeiffer should've played Carrie. At least every man watching would understand why Hugh fell in love with her at first sight.


I humbly have to admit that Auntie Shell is right, Andie MacDowell is not the right person for that movie. It was on TV (Dutch) the other night, and my first comment (yes I talk to my self) was; "what is she doing in that movie", she does not ruin it, but one would not notice it if she wasn't there....

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