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ehm do you recommend honesty then in bizniz communication?


piss you , you twat..

or for voice mail

i'm here, but i noticed your number as caller id , and left it ringing, please don't bother to leave a message... i really don't care..btw, piss off, you twat...

Auntie Shell

Dear Dr. G,

Thank you for your colorful examples of "honesty" in business communication.

Unfortunately, Auntie Shell must remind you that that question is beyond the scope of the discussion; my argument was one of semantics rather than decorum. Whether or not one should be honest in formal communication is quite another matter, but the expressions I dislike would not be up to the task in either case.

Or, if you prefer the short answer,

"Of course not, fool."

Auntie Shell


whot? censorship? here?

how rude.

Auntie Shell

Auntie Shell has reconsidered, and restored Dr. Gonzo's original comment. The kids will just have to cope.


The best intensions are sometimes wasted on the ignorant. 'Kind regards' etc, are used as a way to show kindness to the receiver, like 'Dear ...' or 'with my pleasure'. With written language is more difficult to express kindness (if one could call it that) towards the receiver, and therefor these phrases can be helpfull in expressing positive attitude

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