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Sad Bastard music rules. Check out Arcade Fire. Excellent.

Auntie Shell

Hey you!

Indeed. As a matter of fact, they're number 55 on my Top Artists list...



Hi auntie ;-)

I tried it and I apparently like aggressive, complex and edgy music. That fits pretty well, but they said that Reggae is "upbeat". I wonder if I understand the word upbeat the right way... :-(

Auntie Shell

That's an interesting question: should reggae be considered "upbeat?"

I suspect your understanding of the term may be better than theirs. It is an overly-simplistic "test," isn't it... but fun anyway.

Now I'm off to find out which "Desperate Housewife" I am.

Only kidding; I'm not really going to do such a silly thing.

(I already know I'm Susan.)


Well, I don't know Desperate Housewifes well enough to tell, I guess. But you are right, the (music) test was funny.

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