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Anecdotal evidence to support a statistical hypothesis?

Auntie Shell

Before I answer these serious charges of crimes against methodology, I assert my right to face my accuser.

What about the Sixth Amendment? Section Seven / Eleven?

Pray show thyself...


That missing nephew...need any help finding him? I've picked up some pretty useful stalking techniques in recent weeks. Only to be used for purposes of the common good, mind you. :)

As to the usefulness, hotness, coolness, etc. of MySpace in general, I can say the young folk still flock to it, the ones I know anyway, my son included (still gotta stalk him). And yes, it's use in their hands can still get out of hand.

As for me, I've been a MySpace subscriber for only a year. Yes a latecomer. I must say, I'd really miss it if it died off. I mean where else could I go to find out tidbits about artists such as tour dates, who's in the studio and where, when the next release is coming out, Cortney Tidwell doing an in-store at Grimey's in Nashville on 2/17, Tahiti 80's Playboy t-shirt, the death of Rachael Yamagata's cat Henry, Megan McCauley's latest rant, etc. And all in one place!

One other use, one that has emerged recently for me, is keeping up with friends, really just one in particular. This friend is traversing the country in a 1957 Greyound conversion bus and is using his MySpace blog to chronicle his journey. And now that he's lost his cell phone, MySpace will be the primary way for me to communicate with him.

I do hate the interface...I'd say pre-2004. When comparing it to the likes of last.fm or flickr, it's apparent the MySpace folks need to go back to the drawing board. Will they? I hope so.

I say "Long Live MySpace!"


Okay, you've convinced me! MySpace is still alive and well; case closed. Now I'm off, to find out who the hell Megan McCauley is...


myspace never was "hip" to start with

realistically it was just a space where I simply failed to show up. hence it was never MY space to begin with

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