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At least, you are avoiding the acronyms. They are fond of them here... And it is just so bad for newbies, it's awful.


if they give me the money to fund my vices
then i will digest their crap
not really , i'll just take the paycheck till they get tired of my ranting...

i'm actually hoping to get fired in some rif

rif means i'll get payed out 2 months for each year worked... sweetness.. bring. it. on.


Have you read the Dictionary of Corporate Bullshit by Lois Beckwith? I bought it after a week or so of surreal corporate-speak and it made my day. Something tells me you might enjoy it. :)


Sounds familiar... ah, yes, it was compared with the brilliant film, Office Space. I must check it out, then. Thanks!



Gail Garcia

I enjoyed reading your blog. Can I sign up to receive it in my email inbox on a regular basis?

Thanks for looking out for us!

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